Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest: Profitable Niche Ideas

Many are unaware of all the sources of passive income. Yet, experienced Pinterest users who regularly generate income from affiliate sales can attest that this is not the case.

Believe it or not, affiliate marketing on Pinterest does indeed exist and it’s a fantastic way to earn money from your account. Yes, you can start earning money from the pins you make and share with a little bit of work. Want to know how? Find out by reading what follows!

What is affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

The term “affiliate marketing on Pinterest” is the use of Pinterest posts, or “pins“, to promote your affiliate products. It’s essentially commission-based marketing where you advertise products on Pinterest and get paid for each sale made. This type of marketing is fantastic, as it is largely passive;once you have set up your pins, they can continue to generate sales for weeks, months, or even years.

It’s simple, isn’t it! However, if youwant to make money with Pinterest, you should not just post a few pins.

What does affiliate marketing on Pinterest involve?

Affiliate marketing involves promoting other companies’ products on digital platforms in particular. In clear terms, when someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you receive a commission.

To do this, you need to sign up for a program that turns you into a seller for the company, with no eligibility conditions, and in exchange for a reward, you help them sell products.

Indeed, you can even join affiliate programs with a number of companies, promote various products and get paid for each one of them.

Profitable Niche Ideas

Now that we understand the principle, let’s look at some profitable niche ideas for affiliate marketing with Pinterest. But more importantly, let’s see why they are profitable and how to find others.

1. Bohemian Decor

The Bohemian decor niche is an excellent one for affiliate marketing with Pinterest as it is a less exploited niche with an almost infinite number of products.

Moreover, decor is a field that interests women more than men. This is perfectly in line with Pinterest, a social network more exploited by women.

All decor niches also have the advantage of being very visual, for which the products will sell perfectly well via pins.

2. Muscle Building

Niches that are in the field of sports, especially muscle building and weight loss, are very lucrative niches for which there are both numerous products to promote and numerous programs.

Muscle building is a niche still underexploited on Pinterest, which will be perfect for this social network as it allows for very beautiful photos with concrete results.

Remember, Pinterest is a very visual social network!

3. Baking

Another perfect niche for this social network: baking! We are once again on a niche that interests women more than men and for which we can easily present very telling photos.

Imagine small pastries well highlighted in a beautiful photo… It makes your mouth water, doesn’t it?

That’s exactly the effect we’re looking for so that the user who sees this photo has the same reaction, clicks on your affiliate link, and buys the product or training you have to offer.

4. Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening is a totally under-exploited niche that is of interest to more and more people. Moreover, the products that can be proposed are expensive and therefore the commissions are very interesting.

This is also a very visual niche as we can show many photos with successful indoor garden results, arrangements, etc…

5. Infidelity Dating

This is a niche totally different from the others, but which, like all niches in the dating field, is extremely lucrative.

But when you think about the success of certain dating sites like GleeEden, which were created by women and for women and which can be proposed in affiliation… One can only see the potential of this niche.

6. Infopreneurship

When we talk about social networks and monetization, we also often talk about experts, software to use to make money. Pinterest remains a source of traffic for these infopreneurs. You can therefore do affiliate marketing on training courses, on SAAS like or

Why are these niches interesting?

All these niches are interesting because they meet several important criteria to be exploited on Pinterest:


  • Products or programs with good commission percentages and good average baskets are available

  • They can convince with a photo, the visual aspect is very important on Pinterest

  • They are under-exploited on Pinterest: no need to choose niches with many competitors

  • It’s a plus, all these niches interest women

There are many other gold niche ideas to exploit on Pinterest. These can be in as varied themes as interior decoration, gardening, DIY, gaming, cooking, online dating, weight loss, bodybuilding, cryptocurrency, web marketing, etc.

The important thing is to choose a very precise niche and become the reference in the matter on Pinterest. You will then have access to a highly targeted audience, better visibility, and better conversions for the sale of your products or services.

What are the benefits of Pinterest for affiliate marketing?

Using Pinterest in your affiliate strategy can be very interesting. Here’s why:

Increasing Visibility

Pinterest is a very attractive social network for acquiring significant and recurring traffic. Often underestimated and underexploited by web marketers, a boulevard is open to you to acquire good visibility on the platform, but also on Google, as Pinterest’s results rank very well. Affiliate marketing on Pinterest can be very profitable and can reach a wide audience.

Increase in Sales

Because Pinterest has one of the highest conversion rates among social networks, affiliate marketing on Pinterest is almost a no-brainer. It presents itself as an excellent way to promote sales and conversions, directly from your Pinterest account (via Pins).

Another possibility, Pinterest allows you to redirect traffic to your blog, website or e-commerce, and generate leads for products / services, for direct sale or affiliation.

Passive Income

By using affiliate marketing on Pinterest, you can earn money automatically. If you are not yet familiar with passive income, it’s very simple! Passive income is revenue that allows you to earn money at any time of the day, without you having to do anything.

How to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

Without a doubt, Pinterest is an excellent platform for affiliate marketing. But how can you actually realize your dream of passive income? Like everything related to passive income, you need to build a project. Here’s how to do it, step by step.

Find the right affiliate programs

Once you have chosen your niche, you will need to find the right affiliate programs. Because some programs or products are much more profitable than others. Hence the interest in choosing a niche for which you can propose different things and exploit different affiliate programs.

So select all available programs, sign up and simply promote via pins.

Define the keywords to work on Pinterest

Doing affiliation on Pinterest is not just about creating Pins and putting links. There is a real reflection on the keywords to have. Do not forget that your images will also be on Google image.

Create several affiliate pins

A mistake that many people make on Pinterest is to limit the number of pins created. Do not limit yourself!!

On the contrary, create as many Pins as possible. You have a product to offer, create at least 5 different pins to promote it. By presenting it from different angles, showing its different advantages,…

Describe your affiliate link

Adding your affiliate link in the Destination Link section is essential. Links can be obtained from your affiliate network. Instead of adding direct affiliate links, consider adding links that refer to landing pages. However, this does not mean that you should completely stop using direct affiliate links.

Direct affiliate links are simple to use and allow users to the desired location. On the other hand, users may be wary of direct links leading to unknown websites.

Maintain a constant presence on Pinterest

It is generally recognized that the techniques that allow for passive income take a lot of time and evolve slowly. But over time, they accumulate. As for Pinterest, you must frequently repin new images. This approach is one of the ways to maintain some consistency on Pinterest. This improves your traffic by seeing more people towards your affiliate links.

This doesn’t mean that you have to make a dozen pins at the same time for each article. To start, just create a small amount, then create more. Also, you can use Pinterest automation to schedule your posts in advance. This is much simpler to achieve and is better for the well-being of your Pinterest account.

Publish your pins

Once you have completed the creation steps, you must now publish it. Two options are available to you to publish your pin either you publish it immediately, or you do it for later. To create a business on autopilot, we created the autopinner on Sosoon. It allows you to publish from 5 to 10 Pins per day automatically. It is important to remember that Pinterest remains a search engine. Like any search engine, there is an algorithm that updates.

Therefore, opt for regular publication to give positive signals to Pinterest.

Spamming by integrating thousands of images at once is not a solution
Scheduling multiple images every day manually is not productive.

Sosoon remains your best alternative.