5 ways to make money with Pinterest

Among social networks, Pinterest is one of the most popular. The first things that come to mind when you think about Pinterest are probably recipe posts, decoration tips, and everything around entrepreneurship.

You may not know it, but Pinterest works as a search engine, which is perfect if you want to advertise your site, your product, or your business.

You might be wondering how to make money on Pinterest since it is a free service. Don’t panic, in this article, I’m going to reveal the 5 ways to make money on Pinterest.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the simplest way to monetize on Pinterest without having a site. In affiliate marketing, unique links are used to advertise a good product or service. If someone clicks on this link and buys the product or subscribes to the service, you receive a commission. To do this, simply sign up for an affiliate program, then use its link to feed your Pinterest board, and you’re done.

If you can, include a photo of the item or a sample of the service in your pin. Due to the very high visibility of Pinterest, you need to persuade users to click on your pin. Make sure the link you put in your pin is your affiliate link and mention it in the pin description so that users are aware of it.

Just like other online marketing projects, affiliate marketing on Pinterest is not the easiest way to succeed. It requires effort and will not bring you success right away. On the other hand, like any effective affiliate marketing method, it allows generating a steady and regular income rather than a simple income.

2. Making money through your e-commerce site

Are you considering opening an online store or do you already have an e-commerce site to promote? If the answer is yes, then it’s important you know that Pinterest marketing is one of the most important elements for your business to thrive.

Know that if you do not make your items known to potential buyers, even if your product is unparalleled, nobody will know it exists.

So, using Pinterest for your e-commerce is a significant advantage. Moreover, many users use Pinterest to plan their purchases. So, if you want to attract traffic to your e-commerce site and generate income, Pinterest is your friend. And this, whether it’s a Shopify, Woocommerce, Amazon FBA, or Etsy site.

To do this, you need to create a Pinterest account for professional use. After creating your account, write a biography for your profile. Then, you need to add a link to your website, upload a logo, and create a few boards.

Once you’ve done that, don’t forget to link the pin to the URL of your store or a particular product so that customers can simply find your site and make a purchase.

3. Print On Demand

To sell customized products, like print on demand (POD), Pinterest is the best strategy.

As you can see, Pinterest is a social site where you can collect and share images of everything you find interesting. But first, you need to create your business account.

After creating your account, it’s time to start using it optimally.

As I told you recently, if you want to increase the traffic of your products, pins are an indispensable element. But first of all, get inspired by pin models that have already proven themselves in your niche. This can help you get a more precise idea of what you need to create.

The purpose of your pin is not only to make money but also to convince the customer. To better highlight your products and attract more customers, you need to show them the value of your items with real photos. This is how you can generate revenue with print on demand.

4. Passive income by selling e-Books

Selling e-books is another method that allows you to generate revenue with Pinterest. Pinterest will allow you to sell your eBook directly or redirect the reader to your site to sell it through this medium.

Pinterest automation is another practical and effective way to have more visibility, recurrently, in order to make your pins more viral and attract the attention of new prospects.

It is possible to sell your digital products directly from Pinterest through another service like Gumroad, SendOwl, ThriveCart, ClickBank, or even 1TPE.

This method is ideal for making money if you want to sell your e-books without having to worry about creating and managing your site, accounting, payment methods, etc.

Don’t neglect Amazon KDP which will also allow you to better rank on Amazon.


5. Earn money by selling a course

On Pinterest, you can design and sell courses on a particular subject that you master. This is a very effective method for generating revenue without a blog, as you can use pins to present your course to many audiences.

To market your courses on Pinterest, you will need to open an account on a platform such as Gumroad or Teachable. After you have developed your course, you can dedicate yourself to creating pins that will redirect users to your sales page.

Of course, the representation of your product must be of quality. Whatever the content of your course, you should always include pin images that generate new clicks.

Sosoon expert

It’s easy today to sell goods or services online and expand your customer base on social networks, especially with Pinterest. If you want to increase your chances of success on this very popular platform, you must create an interesting profile. But above all, you need to pin excellent photos, use rich pins, join relevant group forums, participate in challenges and contests, write useful blog posts, monitor analytics, and use paid ads.

Pinterest is a significant means of communication. With Sosoon, you will be able to deploy images on Pinterest quickly. Don’t hesitate to have a multilingual strategy to gain visibility.