Sosoon Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program now, promote, and start earning your first commissions today!

What is affiliation?

Affiliation allows the affiliate to generate passive income by earning commissions on each sale he generates.

As is a subscription-based software, this means that you earn money every month as long as your referral is subscribed.

Why become an affiliate of

Pinterest is a network that remains under-exploited and for which few automation tools exist.
Yet, it is possible to generate revenue easily on Pinterest.


Twitter is a proven network in terms of marketing and traffic generation.
With Sosoon, it is possible to manage 10 Twitter accounts and create powerful automations with one subscription.

We offer a RevShare payment system.
In other words, as long as your referral remains a subscriber, you will receive your commission each month.

3 niveaux

An affiliation system on 3 levels, which allows you to multiply your commissions by earning money thanks to the referrals of your referrals!

Payment within 30 days by bank transfer worldwide.

30 jours

Support for our affiliates by a dedicated team.
You also have access to powerful visuals to promote on your website or on social networks.

By becoming a Sosoon affiliate, there is no limit to the number of gays you can cash in.


We are officially a Pinterest and Twitter partner.
Our code has been audited by both Pinterest and Twitter, which is a guarantee of quality.

Why promote Sosoon?

Social networks are an effective way to generate qualified traffic to commercial offers and thus generate sales.

But Pinterest is a social network that is still largely undervalued on the web. Sosoon therefore has very few competitors, which allows it to quickly establish itself on the market.

By promoting Sosoon, you are promoting a software that will help your referrals to develop their visibility on Pinterest.

But that's not all…
Sosoon allows you to automate actions on Pinterest, but also on Twitter.

How to become an affiliate?

How to become an affiliate? You automatically have access to the affiliate programme as soon as you sign up for a subscription.

All you have to do is log in, go to the affiliation tab (check if it's called that) and create your affiliate links.

If you are not already a customer please contact us via our contact form.


How to promote Sosoon's offers?

Once you are an affiliate, you will have your affiliate links that will allow you to promote our software.

You will then be able to use this link in any medium to offer Sosoon to your audience. You can propose it :
  • On your website
  • On your Instagram account
  • On your Twitter account
  • On your YouTube channel
  • in e-mails
You have access to marketing tools
As a sosoon affiliate, you have access to powerful marketing tools that will allow you to promote effectively.

Numerous visuals that convert are available to our affiliates and are already specifically sized to be used on a website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest…

We also provide you with a powerful email sequence that you just need to send to your mailing list.
First cookie system
We use the first cookie system to identify which affiliate generated the sale.

When a person uses an affiliate’s link for the first time, they are automatically identified as their sponsor.

Whether that person subscribes immediately or several days, months, years later, their referrer will be identified and receive their commission.

How much can you earn as a Sosoon affiliate?

Our affiliate program offers to pay you on the sales you will generate directly. That is to say, according to the subscriptions of your referrals.

But also on the subscriptions of the referrals, and this on 3 levels.

Here is the percentage of commissions according to the level. Note that the earnings are based on the moment before tax.

Level 140%
Level 27%
Level 33%

The amount of money that can be earned through Sosoon affiliation depends of course on the sales that you will generate.

But thanks to the 3 level affiliation system and the fact that Sosoon is a software available as a subscription, the earnings on the long term can quickly be very interesting

Let’s do a quick calculation…
You promote Sosoon and 3 people subscribe. Each of your referrals has a subscription at €30 VAT/month, which is equivalent to a subscription of €25 VAT/month.

You earn 40% of the amount of each subscription, so €10 per subscription, which makes a total of €30 per month.

But you don’t just earn €10 when you sign up, because as long as your referrals remain subscribers, you earn €10/month!

Over the year, with your 3 referrals, you will have earned €360!
You can go much further…
So as you can see, the annual earnings can quickly become substantial!

Because in this calculation, we are only talking about 3 referrals… now imagine that you have 3 new referrals every month!

Integrated reporting

Once you are a Sosoon affiliate, you have access to track all the sales you have generated and your earnings.

Don't wait any longer, and generate your first earnings!

What are the remuneration conditions?

The affiliate will pay between 3% and 40% of the amount of the member's subscription, excluding VAT. The percentage depends on the level at which the subscription was taken out.

This purchase must be made by the customer via the affiliate link provided to the affiliate. We operate on a first cookie system, the commission will be paid to the first affiliate to present the offer to the customer.

The payment will be due 30 days after the subscription or its renewal to cover the guarantee period offered to customers. In the event of a refund request from the customer, the affiliate will lose the commission on that sale.

How are commission payments made?

Commission payments are made by bank transfer in all countries of the world.