How to quickly build a network of Twitter accounts – X?

How to quickly build a network of Twitter accounts - X?

Like Facebook, Twitter is a very popular social network. It allows you to publish public messages, limited to a specific number of characters. It also allows you to send private messages.

This platform was launched in 2006 and is currently run by Elon Musk. Twitter can be presented as a network for discussion, information, and news. To access this platform, you need to have an account. It is also possible to create multiple Twitter accounts without difficulty.

How to create a Twitter account?

The first step in creating an account is to go to your web browser and access the Twitter homepage. Once you are there, click on “sign up”. You will see a page that you need to fill in by providing your personal information.

You will need to put your name, phone number or enter your email address if you wish. Then, you have the opportunity to customize your Twitter experience by validating the different options that will be offered to you. Press the “next” button, to verify your information and click on sign up.

Then go to your mailbox from which you will activate your account using the confirmation code that will be sent to you. Then, you need to create your password and click on the next button. At this stage, you can manage on your own. Indeed, all that remains is to customize your account by adding your photo, adding your bio, etc.

How to quickly build a network of Twitter accounts?

The benefits of having a network of Twitter accounts

Building a network of Twitter accounts means managing several accounts at once. More clearly, it is about having several accounts managed by one person. It’s as if you were managing several blogs at once. This can be useful in different situations. Having a whole network of accounts allows you to maximize visibility, the number of subscribers, and also allows you to perform different tests.

If you want to address different topics, it is better to do it with specialized accounts (niche Twitter account). By creating a network of niche accounts, you therefore have the possibility of sending relevant tweets to different communities. You can address various topics in a more organized way and without getting confused. In addition, building a network of Twitter accounts can allow you to form a larger community of followers, and sell more as a result.

An interesting aspect is also the fact of communicating in several languages. It is always easier to have communication in several languages. With ChatGPT you can automate translation and deployment with Make and Airtable for example.

Creating a network of Twitter accounts means exploiting several accounts. By using a tool to exploit Twitter like Sosoon, you can easily manage and automate all of these accounts. In fact, everything happens directly on Sosoon.

How to build your network on Twitter ?

When you have a network of Twitter accounts, what you need most is a community of targeted followers. That is to say, users who will subscribe to your network and whom you can reach with your various tweets. You must first subscribe to other users in your niche. This method is beneficial for others and for you as well.

It’s not about subscribing to just any user. You need to select those who will actually be useful to you. For example, you can subscribe to relevant accounts in your theme, such as your competitors, influencers, specialized media…

If for example, your tweets are related to sports, you should subscribe to accounts that talk about the same subject. It is by doing this that users will be interested in what you offer.

For this, we have created a chrome plugin that allows you to create a following list.

Once you have subscribed to other accounts, it’s time to work on your visibility by publishing interesting content. This will also determine the number of people you manage to gather in your community. Remember that your followers are the ones who will follow your updates.

You have already taken the first step by subscribing to other people’s accounts. The next step is to post original tweets on a daily basis.

In addition, your behavior can be a factor that will attract or repel followers. You must therefore be warm towards them. You should avoid being narcissistic and egocentric. You should rather cultivate humility and open-mindedness. It is by doing this that your interaction with other users will be beneficial for you.

Another plus offered by Twitter: the use of Hashtag (#). By using a hashtag, you are more likely to appear in Twitter’s search results. This will optimize the visibility of your tweets on this network.

Note from Sosoon

Setting up a network of Twitter accounts can be beneficial on several levels.

It allows for better segmentation of activities/niches. You can communicate more relevantly with your different targets.

In this way, you can acquire a larger number of followers, and always generate more sales.

You can simply communicate in several languages.

Another interesting point: the use of different Twitter accounts allows for A/B Testing between the various accounts, to observe which strategies work best.

To create an effective Twitter account network, it is necessary to use an automation and centralized management tool like Sosoon.